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Detail Wired :

'Wired’ contains two short stories, ‘Barbed Wire’ and ‘Razor Wire’.

Barbed Wire
How far would you go to protect your family? Pushed to the brink, Jimmy Mitchell does what he feels is necessary; then, when he finally dares to believe it’s all over, the police knock on his door. Have Jimmy’s past misdeeds caught up with him?

Razor Wire
As Jemma struggles to change her image from thieving tomboy to elegant sophisticate, she is driven to do desperate things to feed her new obsession. What we covet can make us reckless; but is it really worth dying for?

‘Wired’ includes scenes of violence, brutality and human frailty. It’s likely to appeal to fans of previous collections ‘Gone Bad’ and ‘Show No Mercy’.

N.B. All of Julie's crime shorts are now gathered together in 'Bad Times.'

About the author:

'Julie Morrigan writes hard first rate noir. She writes with a narrative immediacy that takes you straight to the story and lets it unfold with realism and menace. Her use of physical detail heightens the sense that the reader is about to see something nasty.' Richard Godwin, author of 'Apostle Rising'.

'Her style is gritty, straight to the gut, and no-nonsense. After a read of one of her shorts, you almost feel violated yourself. Keep in mind, this is not your grandma's kind of reading, and I don't suspect the local church group will come a callin' any time soon for any author nights, but she ain't writing for the moral majority.' Sean Patrick Reardon, author of 'Mindjacker'.